Final Paper: Art In My Life

Before taking art class I never really thought I cared too much about art and I will admit when I saw art as a general education class I thought it would be a waste of time and super boring. However that defiantly changed, it actually ended up being the only class I stayed awake in, and the only class I enjoyed doing work in, as a bonus I even got some new connections from that class because it forced me to be social and get out of my bubble which was very good thing. As for the art its self, like the artist conversations that I had after viewing their work, I did enjoy them of course because it was something different every time and I love adventure, but I did not view art differently after, I feel like I just did not get to much out of it. To me the real fun was creating my own art as I got a feeling of fulfillment and accomplish even though they all were pretty garbage. There is just something about doing it yourself that makes me happy. However all I really feel that these art projects did for me was make me realize how talented these artists really are and that they really do have extraordinary skills. My understating of art has still stayed the same as it was before entering this class, and actually I think I have less of an understating of what art and beauty is now that I did before which is a good thing because now I am much more open-minded than I was beforehand. But I do now understand that art goes beyond museums and galleries and is applied to almost any major even something like accounting which I thought was really cool.

B8-Environmental Portrait

I know this picture looks really boring and basic, it is just me sitting in front of my computer but, I did this because this computer is where all the action happens in my amazon private label business, and basically everything else like school work, YouTube education, blog posts for art 110, and drinking tea. What I was going for in this picture was supposed to be business planning, that is why I included my product, probably could of placed it better but my brother and I are not the best photographers yet. Also I am wearing my mcdonalds uniform just because that is how I fund my business it is how it was all possible in the first place. Also the cup of tea because I only can function with tea.

I do not think this picture was successful at all because it does really just look like I was finishing up a math assignment and someone took a picture of me while I was doing it. Or just came home from mcdonald’s and watching some compilations on YouTube of best pranks 2018.

If I were to do it again I defiantly would put in way more time and thought into it. First I would get a better camera, second I would change the environment and actually do it outside in nature if I could find a good enough spot just because nature is cool, or in a really clean modern looking room. Also I would take off the mcdonald’s outfit and put on some entrepreneur shirt because logically makes more sense. Then I would have a bigger focus on the product, maybe me holding it or include some of the first drafts of it.

B7-Drinking and Drawing

Drawing outside in sunshine with the wind blowing was one of the absolute best things I have done in a while and I am very grateful I did because this will be my new thing that I do when I am stressed out or just need some peace time to myself. As for the drawings themselves they came out to be absolute garbage, especially the people ones but it did not bother me much at all because the satisfaction I got from doing it was totally worth it.

If I practiced for 100s or 1000s of hours I think the quality would improve just a bit because I have never been an artist and never had any natural skill at doing it. Maybe if I watched hours of you-tube, had a few experts teach me their ways, and then maybe i think my skills would increase make some decent sketches and if I had a burning fire in my heart that motivated me to do so I do think I would eventually get better

I am currently undeclared thinking of either business or engineering major. I can decently see sketching being help full in engineering and im sure that a lot of engineers have to sketch things such as concepts for a new drone plane or something. Right now I am working on my amazon private label business and I can see sketching being very useful in this field because if I am starting a new brand or want special packaging design I can use sketching to create logo concepts that I can send to someone and pay them to digitize it.

Overall great experience with the exception of the hand on the cup, will be doing this for fun in the future.